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HSPU Purifier is used for semolina purification and classification process in flour mills. The machine has a robust design equipped with Advanced Sensor Technology, enables the machine to operate with optimum efficiency.

Features & Advantages

 Light metallic sieve frames with adjustable tightening device
 Easy to clean and hygenic design
 Quick and easy replacement of sieves


Technical Sheet Picture

Technical Features
Model Motor Power (kW) Net Sieve
Width (mm)
Air Requirement
Gross Wolume
Net Gross
HSPU 46/200 2 x 0.40 500 50 1,000 1,334 8.7
HSPU 46/200C* 4 x 0.40 100 2,500 3,010 17.8
Dimensions (mm)
Model A B C D E F øH øJ K L
HSPU 46/200 2,715 1,200 1,355 1,820 2,220 1,194 100 300 580 1,575
HSPU 46/200C* 1,485 2,925 3,390 420
* Double Deck Purifier

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