Roller Mill (HSRM)
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Henry Simon Milling Roller Mill

Technical Features
MODEL Feed Rolls Motor Kw Weights Kg Volume m³
Net Gross
HSRM 4xø250/800 0,75 3220 3519 7.9
HSRM 4xø250/1000 3440 3761 8.7
HSRM 4xø250/1250 3680 4029 9.7
HSRM 8xø250/800 5552 5897 10.2
HSRM 8xø250/1000 6070 6440 11.2
HSRM 8xø250/1250 6850 7251 12.5
HSRM 4xØ300/1000 4120 4441 8.7
HSRM 4xØ300/1250 4360 4709 9.7
HSRM 8xØ300/1000 7430 7800 11.2
HSRM 8xØ300/1250 8210 8611 12.5

The HSRM Roller Mill is intelligently designed with the state-of-the-art control systems for precise and effective grinding operation for the wheat, maize (corn) and various grains. This is a new generation roller mill equipped with Advanced Sensor Technology, which enables to track the machine status in real time, moreover records data for optimum machine operating conditions.

Features & Advantages

• Central lubrication system
• Quick roll change mechanism
• Low energy consumption
• Quiet operation


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