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Vibe QM3i - Rice Analyzer

The Vibe QM3i Rice Analyzer measures, counts
and classifies kernel size, shape and color.
Analysis results are absolute, accurate and
One of the key features of the Vibe QM3i is the
speed and accuracy of results. 25g samples of
rice kernels can be analyzed and reported upon
in less than 30 seconds using a simple 3 step
The Vibe QM3i provides rice researchers, traders
and processing companies an ‘expert’ inspection
and analysis instrument that overcomes the
limitations of subjectivity and speed that are
evident in manual inspection methods.
Furthermore, the superior resolution of the
optical system in the QM3i provides higher levels
of accuracy and reproducibility of results when
compared with other instruments available in the
market today.

Key Features & Capabilities

 Milled, Brown, Paddy
 Broken kernel (%)
 Rice type classification:
long, medium, short, mixed
 Size analysis
 Length
 Width
 Area
 Length/Width ratio
 Perimeter
 Other Type
 Abnormal color recognition :
 Chalky kernels
 Yellow kernels
 Heat damaged
 Red lines
 Black spots
 Green kernels
 1,000 weight and kernel count
 Group distribution sizing information

Key Benefits

 Reduces inspection time by factor of 10
 Simple 3 step process
1. Load sample
2. ‘Click’ start
Key Benefits
market today.
3. Get results
 Results stored in a database for
traceability and further analysis
 Integration with 3rd party instruments for
higher level data analysis
 Weight scale
 Moisture level monitor
 Barcode reader
 Information systems
 No minimum sample size
 No requirement for sample preparation with complicated trays

Technical Specification

 High resolution, 10 Mega Pixel industrial grade
color camera
 No moving parts for higher reliability and
maintenance free
 Absolute L*a*b* color scale and characterization
 3,000 color pixels per kernel
 Advanced controlled LED lighting for higher
 100 micron measurement accuracy
 2% color scale accuracy
 0.5% accuracy of broken kernel detection
 240 X 170 mm (9.5” X 6.7”) Inspection area
 Dimensions 400L X 400W X 500H mm (15.7”L X
15.7”W X 19.7”L)

Software Features
User friendly interface
Touch screen compatible
Detailed Excel reporting format
Reports and data format can be customized
Local and cloud based storage capabilities of image and data

Vibe Imaging Analytics develops, manufactures, sells and supports ‘expert’ inspection,
analysis and sorting solutions. Based on best in class imaging and data processing
technologies that includes optics, illumination control, camera imaging and algorithm
development. Provide a simple to use experience that delivers absolute, accurate and
reproducible results for our customers.

It is suitable for various type of grains such as rice, wheat, seed, paddy, corn & others...


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