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The KB-270 is a desktop near-infrared composition analyzer. Just put the sample in the sample tray and place the tray on the turntable, and this highprecision component analyzer can measure it. When testing simple substances, this unit can display 4 component analyses consecutively, and when connected to a personal computer, 4 component analyses can be displayed simultaneously. 

• Plural components can be measured by a single operation.
• Low cost and compact.
• Even liquid sample can be measured.
• The PC software is supplied as standard equipment.

Specifications  KB-270

Measurement method

Near infrared Reflectance with light projection from the bottom


Filter spectroscopy

Measurement spot

Approximately 25mm in diameter

Number of channels

50 (1 Channel can show 4 compositions with simulatenous measurement)

Display format

Organic EL


USB (PC), RS-232C (printer), LAN

Light source

Tungsten lamp

Power supply

100V - 240V AC (50/60 Hz) 40 W

Dimensions & Weight 

415W)x370(D)x230(H)mm, 12kg


Light shielding cover, petri dish with 90 mm dia for samples, sample holder, zero-adjustment plate, power cable, spare fuse, wireless LAN router, PC software, and operating manual

4 in 1 analyzer ( meter ) 
(i) Moisture content 
(ii) Protein content
(iii) Carbohydrate content
(iv) Fat content

Composition and content analysis generally consumes
significant time. The data amount that can be obtained
in a day, even using good analysis methods, has
However, the time to be used can be reduced.
-- A near-infrared analyzer enables reducing the time.
If calibration curves correlated with composition and
content analysis values are registered in the nearinfrared
analyzer in advance, the composition and
content percentage can be measured in a few seconds.
This product, the KB-270 NIR Composition Analyzer,
can simultaneously measure up to four different
compositions or contents with one measurement in
only a few seconds, using the absorbance of nearinfrared
reflections of multiwavelengths with different
In many cases, pretreatment such as crushing or
smashing is unnecessary because the sample shapes
and particle diameter variations matter little. Using the
optional masking holder enables measurement of small
valuable samples.
Significantly reduced measurement time enables the
measurement results to be immediately reflected in
the manufacturing line of the object being measured,
reducing manufacturing losses. In addition, increased
data quantity facilitates reading the composition or
content fluctuations daily or seasonally, leading to
improved manufacturing quality.


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