Kett NIR Moisture Analyzer KB-230
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Kett KB-230 NIR Moisture Analyzer

Near-infrared reflection, light projected/
received at the bottom plane
Spectroscopy Filter
Measurement spot Diameter: approximately 25 mm
Number of calibration
Measurement time Normal measurement: 7 sec. (subject to the
Continuous measurement: 0.5 sec. interval
Display Organic EL
Input/Output USB (for PC I/O), RS-232C (for printer output)
Light source Tungsten lamp
Operating humidity
5 to 35°C (no condensation) / 30 to 80%RH
Power supply 100-240 V AC (50/60Hz), 40W
Dimensions/Weight 415 (W) x 370 (D) x 226 (H) mm / 13 kg
Accessories Light shielding cover, Sample cell (Petri dish,
ø90 mm), Zero-adjustment plate,
Sample cell holder, Power cable,
Fuse (spare), First Guide, Operating Manual

NIR Moisture Analyzer KB-230 is a moisture analyzer
utilizing near-infrared reflection. It is an nondestructive
measurement method, and the moisture can be
measured in real-time.
With the conventional infrared moisture analyzer, the
distance adjustment between the sample and the light
source was complicated. Also, the measurement error
was generated due to difference of the grain size.

The NIR Moisture Analyzer KB-230 has been developed
solving the above issues as a key concept.
The idea of ''equally emitting light at the bottom of the
sample'' became a solution. The distance between the
sample and the light source is maintained equally, and
the error due to grain size is eliminated.
Also, the sample cell is selectable from the variety of
Other than the Petri dish, disposable polyethylene bag
or sheet can be used, which will save time before and
after the measurement.
The KB-230 is suitable for the site where multiple
samples need to be measured, or quick response is
It is ideal for those who need efficiency and accuracy.

• Two types of measuring mode
There is a normal measurement mode, in which the average of the
measurements will be displayed; a continuous measurement mode,
in which chronological change of the moisture can be checked.
• Selectable sample cell and measuring method
Not only the accessory Petri dish, the sample cell can be selected
from disposable polyethylene bag or sheet. Otherwise, the sample
can be placed directly. For the samples that is impenetrable to
near-infrared, the light shielding cover is not necessary. Therefore,
the cover can be removed and the work efficiency will improve

• Covers wide range of measuring objects
Wide variety of samples can be measured including agricultural
products, food product materials, processed goods, medical
and pharmaceutical products, papers, and minerals. Also, any
types and forms can be measured.* Making a calibration curve is necessary

Petri dish: Grains

It is suitable for uneven grains,
large grains, or grains whose
moisture degree largely fluctuates.

Plastic bag: Flour

It is suitable for grains, powders,
sheets, or ones whose moisture
degree largely fluctuates.

Polyethylene sheet:
Chocolate, etc.
It is suitable for large solid that may
taint the measurement window.

Direct placement:
Dried noodles, etc
It is suitable for large solid that
will not taint the measurement

• Instant response
Just place the sample on the measurement window, close the
light shielding cover, and then press the measurement button.
The moisture will be displayed in a few seconds. The continuous
measurement is possible.

Large Petri dish (ø90 mm)
VZ-800 Printer
PC software
It is used for measuring the samples
that will not fit into the Petri
dish supplied as an accessory.
The light shielding cover can be
used as well. Therefore, it is applicable
for the samples whose light
transmittancy is high.
A thermal printer with 58 mm of
paper size.
It can swiftly print out measurement
It enables simple operation of
monitoring the moisture change in
moisture absorption on the trend
graph, PLS calibration using a
function to make a calibration
curve, or editing the calibration
curve, as well as displaying measurement
result and saving the data.
It is capable of making full use of
this device, and provides easy-touse

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