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  1. Particular design for drying section to optimize both of even drying and efficiency.
  2. Giant drying section, speedy drying, power saving, premium quality of grains.
  3. Spreader device and rotary valves control measurable loading capacity in circulating,and make grains with even drying.
  4. Max. thermal energy, drying rate increase, better quality and quantity, minimum cost.
  5. Safety operation monitor system: Motor overload protection, control fuse, full load buzzer, air pressure switch, flame sensor, over heat sensor, over drying safety device in CS-R.

Model CPR-165-105 CPR-165-135 CPR-165-150 CPR-165
Pulses, Corn (1liter=690g)
7500~10400 7500~13350 7500~14850 7500~16350
Rapeseed (1liter=690g)
Wheat (1liter=680g)
Paddy (1liter=560g) 6500~10400 6500~10850 6500~12050 6500~13250
Dimension Length (mm) 4287
Width (mm) 2745
Height (mm) 7227 8449 9060 9671
Net weight(kg)approx. 2815 2990 3075 3170
Burner Type Gun type
Max. Combustion 25 liter/hr
Heat Source Kerosene or Premium diesel
Power Consumption 3P, 220V/380V/415V/440V, 50/60Hz
6.45 kW
Function Loading Pulses, Rapeseed 44 min (approx.) 50 min (approx.) 55 min (approx.) 60 min (approx.)
Paddy 50 min (approx.) 60 min (approx.) 66 min (approx.) 72 min (approx.)
(Pulses, Rapeseed, Paddy)
45 min (approx.) 55 min (approx.) 60 min (approx.) 66 min (approx.)
Drying Rate Commercial, Grains 0.5~1.2%/hr
Seed Rapeseed 0.1~0.5%/hr
Paddy, Wheat 0.2~1.0%/hr
Safety Devices Thermo-over realy, Air pressure switch, Full load buzzer,
Timer, Control fuse, Flame sensor, Over heat sensor.

í¨Listed parameters and drying rate are for reference only and in accordance to grain with initial and target moisture content as following: pulses: 18% to 13%, paddy: 26% to 15%, wheat and corn: 30% to 12.5%. Actual value varies in correlation to ambient temperature, relative humidity, grain variety, hot air temperature, moisture content before and after drying.
í¨The specification and graph is for reference only. Actual specification of SUNCUE product shall be based on the Sales Confirmation which customers sign and delivered products.
í¨Specification subject to change without notice.

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