SB Husk Furnace
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Model SB-40 SB-80 SB-130 SB-200
Max. thermal energy Approx. Kcal/hr 380,000 800,000 1,300,000 2,000,000
Equivalent to diesel consumption
Approx. liter/day
Diesel thermal energy = approx. 8,400 Kcal/liter
1,086 2,286 3,714 5,714
Husk consumption
Approx. kg/day under max. combustion
Husk thermal energy = approx. 3,300 Kcal/kg
3,072 6,480 10,080 17,280
Ash discharge
Approx. kg/day under max. combustion
408 864 1,320 2,280
Reduction of CO2 emission Approx. ton/day 2.8 5.9 9.6 14.7
Power consumption kW 4.68 10.5 16.75 27.5
Net weight Approx. in ton 10 17.4 21.1 36.4
Furnace connecting capacity
(dryer tons)
Commercial paddy 18~36 42~96 78~150 224~240
Paddy seed, wheat seed 24~64 48~128 96~192 288~330
Safety devices Abnormal combustion sensor, Flame sensor,
Automatic abnormal safe guard, Thermal relay, Rotation sensor, Control fuse
°ýSpecification subject to change without notice.
°ýMax. thermal energy, husk consumption and ash discharge production listed are for reference only. Actual data will differ upon variety, moisture content and impurity.
°ýThe maximum heat output of each rice husk furnace is approximately 2.7 kg of CO2 emission per liter of diesel with a running time of 24 hours per day as calculation basis. Actual values may vary due to the users' various using factors.
°ýThe specification and graph is for reference only. Actual specification of SUNCUE product shall be based on the Sales Confirmation which customers sign and delivered products.

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